Hello! We are JEN and CLAIRE, a lesbian couple here to document our life together, post things that inspire us, and support the LBGTQ community. Check out our "about us" link! Please feel free to ask us questions or relationship advice/opinions! (If it's personal just ask for a private response otherwise we will publish it so others may benefit!) This blog may contain NSFW content, we do not own any rights to the pictures posted unless they are of ourselves/taken by us.

Our instagram names are jenlane9 and clurbur621

Oh, and we LOVE food.

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Cuddling is about making her feel safe. To have your arms around her so she feels protected. Running your fingers along her arm and gazing into her eyes. No words will need to be said, for she will feel the love in every kiss. With her head against your chest she can feel your heart beating for her. Letting her know at that very moment nothing could go wrong.

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I cherish every moment with you.
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Lesbians know what I mean.
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