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Posted: July 7th
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Anonymous: My brother just came out as gay and I don't know what to do.. I find it nasty but I want to support him cause he's family but idk

You have to look at it through his eyes, which you can do by looking at sexuality through your own eyes. The way you view the opposite sex (cuz I don’t know if you’re a guy or girl and I’m assuming you are straight) is exactly the same way he views other guys. When you imagine yourself in a committed relationship or potentially getting married, he thinks of it in the same way. It’s no different. It just happens to be with a guy instead of a girl. Imagine how unhappy you would be if you had to date the same gender as yourself. Same goes for your brother. Be happy that now he can finally find his own happiness. Be happy that your brother decided he wasn’t going to live the rest of his life miserable. Even if that means he may be subject to discrimination for the rest of his life. Be happy for him that he is finally who he is meant to be. It’s not about you and what you think.

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Posted: July 7th
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Anonymous: I came out over 2 years ago as transgender and my parents still call me by my birth name And there little girl and I want to correct them but I'm to scared and I puss out. I'm afraid they'll get mad. Also. My brother basically disowned me. He said If I continued into getting top surgery and starting testosterone he wouldn't talk to me any longer and I'm just kinda stuck ;u;

How did your parents react when you came out? Are they not supportive and that is why you are scared? Maybe they just have no clue that you want them to stop calling you that and they just need to be told. On their part it could be a very difficult habit to break. They might need constant reminding. As for your brother, that is tough I’m not quite sure how you would go about resolving that issue other than talking with him about why he is so angry about it. Maybe your parents could be a part of the conversation as well, especially if they have been supportive of you. I dont know if you’ve seen this video on YouTube or not but it’s called The Whittington Family: Ryland’s Story. Could be a good video for them to watch if you think so.

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Posted: July 7th
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Anonymous: Hey, your blog is a life-saver, thank you. I think I could be bi, but I don't feel massive sexual attraction to any guy or girl I know. I've had short term bfs and a gf, but looking back, I wasn't that into any of them. I'm not asexual, and wankings great but... whats up with that?

Always good to hear that! But uh I don’t know… maybe you just haven’t met the right person yet. It’s possible that there wasn’t any sexual chemistry between you and any of your partners. Give it time, don’t go jumping to conclusions or thinking there is something wrong with you. <3

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Anonymous: I'm a 14 year old girl and I was going to come out but everyone says "it's just a phase you'll get over it you're young" but I know in my heart that this is who I am and I'm not going to change. And because I've never kissed anyone people say "you can't know you're gay you've never experimented with anyone" but I know that I don't have to kiss anyone to know I'm gay but so many people have said it that they made me second guess myself and now I don't know what to do. Any thoughts/advice? Please.

Screw them. You are going to hear all kinds of things that you don’t like. People are always going to put you down. You will learn that it is just ignorance on their part. Keep your head up. Coming out doesn’t make it a permanent decision either. If you identify as bisexual now and decide you want to identify as lesbian later, you have every right to do so. Or vice versa. They didn’t have to kiss the opposite sex to know they were straight did they? Seriously, let them think what they want. They are wrong no matter what anyways. <3

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Anonymous: So I've been dating my girlfriend for 10 months now and I'm completely in love with her. She was my bestfriend for 3 years before we dated, she thought she was straight, but then we kind of had a spark, and we dated for 10 months. She just broke up with me saying she wants to see guys and have sex with a guy to have no regrets and she's not sure if she'll want to date me again, but I need her back some day. And sometimes we still kiss and hook up, do you think I'll get an other chance with her?

I can’t say. I can’t tell you anything other than maybe.. You have to respect that she needs to do this for herself. And on the other hand if continuing to hook up with her is just stringing you along and giving you false hopes then you should stop. She obviously needs to keep figuring out who she is and if she felt she needed to end your relationship to do so it might be in your best interest to move on. I can’t imagine it would be healthy for you to stick around while she explores herself. Might be a little painful for you don’t you think?

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Anonymous: The past weekend my girlfriend and I had done it, sex I mean, and we have done it before.. But like the first time I got this feeling which made me feel uncomfortable, and I couldn't figure out why. I told her and all and we stopped.. But this past time I figured it out, it was just reminding me of some bad memories. Lately I've felt weird, including how I feel about her. What should I do? I've talked to her about it but I haven't told her I just completly don't want to be around her.. Idk..

Ok well, this sounds a little like there may be some underlying psychological issues at hand… A past event that has scarred you? Which we are in no way able to help you through if that be the case. But, just to clarify, you no longer want to be around her or with her? Correct? You should be upfront with her. It isn’t fair to either of you to string each other along with false feelings. If you don’t want to be with her then don’t. Don’t continue to lead her on in hopes that things will change if they won’t. I’m kind of at a loss for words I’m sorry… I hope you can figure out what you need to make things better for yourself. If my initial thought is correct you should probably seek parental/ professional help, so you can sort through your emotions. I know it can be scary to ask for help but the alternative may be that you are never able to have a healthy relationship if these memories and feelings you have prevent you from doing so. You can message us again if you need. <3

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Anonymous: Hello! :) I really need some advice because I don't have anyone to talk to about this but.. I've been going out with my girlfriend for a good 7 months now, but we have known eachother forever. Recently we have had a couple rough patches..& things haven't felt the same. I know she needs me, but I just feel really, done with it? She isn't the same her anymore, and I feel like I can't be who she needs me to be? She never talks to me, and I'm always working, and with school coming up? I feel like we

Part 2) Should break up but I’m scared.. I planned my life out with her and revolving her and I don’t want it to not happen.. I do. But no matter how many times I tell her I need her to keep moving on no matter how hard it gets, she just gives up and then later when she wants to do it, it’s harder. I just, I’m independent and she’s not. Maybe it’s my fault you know? She’s sensitive and sweet, and will do almost anything for me. She loves me to death. It’s just hard, we are 17! So we can’t move out yet.

I’m not quite sure what you are referring to when you said, “But no matter how many times I tell her I need her to keep moving on no matter how hard it gets, she just gives up and then later when she wants to do it, it’s harder.” Is there something specific happening and reoccurring that is making her give up? Anyways, it sounds like there are some things going on with her right now that you just either don’t have the time/ motivation/ or energy to deal with? I guess, you need to put yourself in her shoes to try and understand better what it is that she needs from you. I have said this to everyone who has come asking for advice: “Communication is key!!!” It’s equivalent to the oxygen we breathe. Without it, the relationship will suffocate. If the relationship isn’t working then maybe you could continue to be moral support as just a friend. I understand the feelings of not wanting to give up on someone. But here are two things to consider: If the relationship is making you unhappy, it is time to do what is best for you. Whether that means breaking it off completely or still staying in touch is up to you. Second, if you are not willing or unable to reciprocate the work that a relationship needs to survive, then she deserves someone better. You both do. You both deserve to be with someone you would jump through hoops and over the fence for and who would do the same for you. You guys aren’t even in college yet. There is no way you could have planned out your life with each other and expected it to actually turn out that way. Who you are and who she is, will not be the same after college. You will grow and mature mentally and learn to think for yourselves and develop new values in life. I’m not saying that it is impossible for you to remain in each others lives, just that it won’t typically turn out how you are foreseeing it. Don’t let the thought of “throwing your lives together away” influence your decision. Hope this helps some. We are always willing to chat more if you need to. <3

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